Basic Safety Course (RO1), as well as the updated Shooter’s Handbook may be downloaded from the SASS home page on the website.


REMINDER: The “Merlin Cowboy” Category (relaxed Classic Cowboy) Requirements are: The usual boots, hat long-sleeve shirt and pants, plus: Chaps, Spurs, Vest and Scarf.

Pistol and Rifle: Any SASS-Legal of .40 Caliber and larger. Shotgun: Any SASS-legal side-by-side shotgun. Smokeless OR Black Powder loads. Shooting Style: Either “Duelist” OR “Traditional”.

Merlin Marauders is also recognizing two other new categories for our MONTHLY MATCHES ONLY.

They are: Senior Gunfighter for those 60 and older, and: Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter



Notice! Effective Immediately,

the Wild Bunch has decreed that any 12 gauge shotgun ammunition that has been “bottlenecked” by running it through a 16 gauge crimp die, then a 20 gauge crimp die to make it easier/quicker to load in Side-by-Side Double-barrel Shotguns is ILLEGAL AMMUNITION!
For reasons of safety, using this ammo will result in the shooter receiving a MATCH DQ!