“How do I become a member?”

Come out to a monthly shoot or a monthly Business Meeting and talk to us! We shoot at the JCSA Park on the first Saturday & third Sunday of every month.

Summer Match Hours: Setup is at 8 a.m. and Shooting starts at 9 a.m.
Winter Match Hours: Setup is at 9 a.m. and Shooting starts at 10 a.m.

We meet monthly on the first Tuesday of the month at the Black Forest Restaurant at 820 NE “E” Street, Grants Pass. Come at 11 a.m. to eat (the meeting starts at 11:30 a.m.).

“What do I get as a member?”

Well, besides the fun of recreating a part of the Old West, shooting in a SASS-sanctioned club with some of the friendliest folk around, getting to dress funny and laugh a lot, you’ll be enjoying the fastest-growing, and most family-oriented shooting sport in the country and the free world.

And there’s ALWAYS the pleasure of our company!!

ALL THIS for just $25 a year for individuals, and $35 for a family membership!! (Immediate family, living together)

“What stuff do I need to have?”

Bring what you have but over time you will need to assemble the following.


2 Single-action revolvers of the period from 1851-1899, 1 Lever-action or “pump-action” rifle in a “pistol-caliber” of the same period, and 1 Shotgun, typical of the period. These may be either originals (Usually very expensive and they ARE antiques) or modern copies of the guns (MUCH less expensive and readily available from MANY manufacturers, importers and distributors – See your local gun shop or give “Sweetwater Jack” a buzz.

Shotguns typical of the era would be Side by Side guns with “coach length” barrels, an external hammer pump (original, or modern copy of the Winchester Model of 1897), or a lever-action shotgun. Some examples of cartridge-firing revolvers (must be single-action) would be Colt Single Action Army models, Remington Model of 1875s, S&W “Schofields”, etc. (Originals or modern copies, including Ruger Vaqueros.) Rifles must fire a pistol-caliber cartridge. Some examples are Winchester models of 1860 (Henry), 1866, 1873, 1892, and Marlin Model 1894s. Colt “Lightning Rifles” are also becoming popular.

Some examples of “Pistol Calibers” would be: .45Colt, .45 Schofield, .44-40 (44WCF), .44spl, 38-40 (38WCF) , .38spl, .32-20 (32WCF), 32H&R Magnum & .32S&W.


MUST be lead bullet ammo, usually RNFP (Round Nose, Flat Point) No jacketed ammunition of any kind is allowed. (No ricochets off the steel targets, please) Many brands of “Cowboy” ammo are available that will not exceed the velocity maximums of 1000fps for pistols and 1400fps for rifles. Shotgun shells: Target loads and light target loads are all that are needed. (No larger than #6 shot)


Cowboy or “packer” Boots, Cowboy hat, long-sleeve shirt, and jeans will work to start. The more “period-correct” clothing will accumulate as you go…believe me! The ladies may shoot in shirt and jeans, “prairie dresses”, “saloon gal outfits”, etc.


We don’t shoot using our real names….your alias can reflect your origin, a historical ancestor, a humorous play on words, or nearly anything that isn’t obscene, profane, or degrading. When you join SASS, your alias will be registered and protected, and yours alone!

Merlin Marauders Membership Application

Merlin Marauder Bylaws Revision H-Final

Merlin Marauder Range Directives

See the SASS Website for more details on just about EVERYTHING to do with Cowboy Action Shooting at : (www.sassnet.com)

A good thing to download is the SASS Shooters’ Handbook.